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Sit, Stay, Thrive was created to offer clients a new type of comprehensive, personalized professional dog training service. 

We believe that each dog is special so dog training classes should not be one size fits all. 

Your dog receives customized training -- designed just for them.

We also feel that training should be fun, effective, and kind. So we use only positive training techniques for obedience and behavior modification. We do not use prong or e-collars. 

We’re licensed, insured and certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers

as a CPDT-KA and a CBCC-KA. We stay current with up-to-date training methods by participating in APDT as a professional member, regularly attending conferences on various training subjects, and maintaining approved AKC Evaluator status. 

We have one of the largest therapy dog training groups on Facebook. You can follow us here.

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