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We have trained thousands of dogs and counting using positive training techniques. 

We’re really proud to showcase the following success stories of our valued clients.

A few months ago taking Maverick (the queen) out in public was basically impossible (screaming, crying, barking etc.). Today we went to the tree farm and we’re surrounded by people AND other dogs, not even a single bark from this girl! I could actually cry. She and I have worked so hard with Angela to get to this point. The queen and I are forever grateful. Family outings just keep getting better!


Luckily, I was referred to Angela. Within minutes my goofy rescue dog was sitting and laying down on command. By the end of the session with Angela the dog that dragged me out of the rescue was now walking at my side in step with me. Angela was a great teacher for not only my pup, but me as well. It can be an overwhelming experience when you bring home the perfect dog that is just a bit untrained. Knowing Angela was always available for advice and reassurance helped me be the best dog mom possible.


The day I met Angie I knew I picked the right professional trainer for my dog. Her love and concern for her clients is immediately obvious. Her foundation of training is based on her love of the animal followed by her vast knowledge of canine behavior. Angie’s professionalism provides the right experience and environment for the canine training process.


Angela has been by far the best decision I‘ve made for my dog Lucy. The very first time Lucy met Angela she loved her and started behaving for me. I honestly can’t say enough good things. Even after four years Angela is still answering the occasional Lucy question. I recommend Angela to everyone!


Finding a trainer whose understanding, compassion, and effectiveness for both the dog and the owner can be challenging. Discovering Angie who made training fun, challenging, and beneficial for both Gemini and I has been a blessing.


She definitely knows her stuff and has an answer for any issue you might have. I would recommend training with Angie. She’s the best!


We’d love to add you to our success stories page!

Fun Facts

  • Our clients’ dogs have been featured in print ads and talent contests. Some hold multiple titles, and many of them work as therapy dogs in the Chicagoland area.

  • Our company has been featured on podcasts, YouTube, and currently has one of the largest therapy dog groups on Facebook

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